Start Importing

IMPORTANT: Please check your email and sign our set-up documents prior to proceeding with creating the required Customs Invoice, and upload of other documents to start the import process on your shipment(s).

Import into the United States or Canada

Whether importing to the USA or Canada, you’ll need a Customs Invoice.

Some suppliers or systems automatically generate documents that will work for Customs. If your documents include Exporter Name, Purchase/and or Importer, Currency, Country of Origin, Product Description, Price Paid and the type of transaction (sale, return, repair) please upload for our Team to review.

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Track Your Shipments

Every minute counts, and a minute’s delay can disrupt your supply chain schedule and impact your business. We’ve made it easy to track your shipments in real-time and account for any delays with our online, self-service PARS and PAPS trackers.