How to Prepare for Your Meeting

You’re all booked in for meeting with one of our Customs Concierges and we are excited to chat with you. How can you prepare for our meeting? We’ve outlined what you need to know.

Understand what you’re shipping! Is it by Truck, Air, Ocean, Courier or Rail?
Have a description of your goods. Preferably a web-link to your product for our tariff classification – this determines your duty and tax amount.

Understand the value of your shipment. Most of the time this is going to be what you paid for the goods (excluding the cost of your freight services).

Be prepared to discuss the origin of your goods. Where is the shipment coming from and where are the goods manufactured?

*Important: To avoid delays and storage costs, please do not ship your goods without confirmation of an account with Breeze Customs.

Find out your duty & tax costs. Try our calculator!


Track Your Shipments

Every minute counts, and a minute’s delay can disrupt your supply chain schedule and impact your business. We’ve made it easy to track your shipments in real-time and account for any delays with our online, self-service PARS and PAPS trackers.