Our Mission

To provide infrequent importers with a multi-channel customs brokerage experience that is accessible, seamless, personalized, and built to meet their cross-border needs.

Our Purpose

We make importing a Breeze.

Breeze is built on the belief that importing should be simple, even for infrequent importers. We are driven to provide our customers with seamless importing solutions and accurate landed costs. And, because we don’t include freight, we are the perfect marriage with supply chain partners.


Our Name

Easier. Breezier.

Our name is Inspired by the feeling you get when you are ankle deep in the ocean at sunset with your eyes closed and a soft breeze in your face – a cherished moment of ease, comfort and contentment.

Our goal is to make life just a little easier, a little breezier, for our customers because if you know anything about importing, assessing duties, paying taxes and applying for bonds, you know it’s not always easy. Our job is to make the importing process simple and accessible through a digital backbone and live concierge assistance.

Our promise to you: We’ll make it simple, easy, affordable and dependable to import your goods.

Part of the
GHY Family

This might surprise you – but we’ve actually been around since 1901.

Breeze Customs is proud to be a GHY International company. We saw an underserved market when talking with infrequent importers and knew a different experience was needed. Breeze was born by GHY values and will strive to serve our importer and carrier clients.

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